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Chemical Peels
by Circadia

Chemical Peels treat a wide variety of issues depending on the type of acids used, number of layers, and skills of the esthetician providing them to you.  Our professionals will be able to determine what course of action is best for you during our consultations or during one of our many standard facial offerings.  Everything from dry, acneic, aging, unevenly toned skins can be addressed with this advanced feature.  All skin types and colors can be addressed with peels outside of medical restrictions. 

Peels are not always comfortable, and some downtime is expected.  We will walk you through this process step by step to help you acheive a more even, radiant complexion within months.

For most, one chemical peel will not fully address the issues at hand, and it's usually recommended to get three peels, once a month for three months.  With the exception of the SWiCH Peel, Chemical Peels will not be available in the summer months as sunlight and sweat must be avoided.


Included in the cost of the package is a post peel kit valued at $30 for each treatment and the Vitamin A Accellerator during each treatment valued at $40.  Aftercare instructions will be provided for the safest, most effective peel in the Savannah Area.

Alpha/Beta Complex

Fight the signs of aging with the combination of Lactic and Salicylic acids. This unique blend ofalpha and beta acids will not only effectively exfoliate the skin but also even complexion. This is the perfect rejuvenator for all skin types assisting in lasting result.

Dermafrost Salycilic Peel

This results-oriented beta hydroxyl peel will address allaspects of acneic skin. This quick procedure is designed to cut through oil, reduce bacteria and decrease inflammation for problematic skin resulting in a clear, oil free complexion.

This treatment is designed to gently and effectively exfoliate while simultaneously hydrating and brightening the skin.This complex treatment uses an advanced AHA complex that is gentle enough for your most sensitive skin types, resulting in fresh, hydrated, luminous skin.

Hydrating Lactic Peel

Mandeliclear Peel

The MandeliClear PeelSystem is a deeper peelthat was developed specifically for treating pigmentation issues associated with skin of color. This unique acid complex will effectively lighten pigmentation due to acne, melasma, or photo damaged skin. The MandeliClear acid complex combined with the Vitamin A Accelerator was designed to accelerate physical peeling without excessive damage to the skin resulting in a flawless complexion.

This superior treatment will result in a deeper peel designed to remove sun damage, re ne ne lines and wrinkles and reduce acne, leaving the skin looking years younger. A combination of resorcinol, lactic acid, and salicylic acid, this peel will effectively breakdown damaged cells, stimulate cellular rejuvenation and improve overall health of the skin

Jessners Combination Peel

SWiCH Peel

The SWiCH™ Dermal Rejuvenation System is a  unique alternative to chemical peels that  redefines how we treat age damaged skin. 

SWiCH™ takes advantage of the skin's natural   repair mechanism to help restore the skin's  optimum appearance without injury to the skin. Reverse the signs of aging today and 

SWiCH™ on your skins ability to repair itself from the inside out.

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