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Microneedling addresses many skin concerns with regard to aging, scarring, and skin tone.  Unlike chemical peels, which use a variety of chemical approaches to penetrate deep into the skin and work with the skins molecular structure within the epidermis, microneedling takes a physical approach to trick the skin into creating new collagen and address similar varieties off issues.


Collagen is the protein in the skin which fills the skin beneath the epidermis and provides plumpness.  By addressing specific areas or the whole face, discoloration, scarring, wrinkles and overall aging can be addressed on a more permanent basis without the need for surgery.  In many cases even elastin, which provides the skins bounce, is also reproduced for a youthful complexion.

Whats more is that this procedure yields results that last as long as your skin isn't aging naturally, that's to say years, since it's stimulating your skins own ability to keep a youthful look.  Natural aging will occur, but in essence this helps to physically reverse the signs of aging from far below the surface.  Partial results can be seen two weeks after your procedure, with full results in 4-6. For compounding results, one treatment per month for 3 months is recommended, but more or even just one could yield ideal results. In rare or extreme cases, 5 or 6 treatments are necessary.  One per year to maintain results is recommended.


There are no restrictions on skin type or time of year for microneedling, and contraindications are minimal.


While there is mild discomfort associated with Microneedling, we use a topical Lidocaine numbing cream to reduce discomfort during the procedure.  Downtime from swelling is expected to be 1-3 days in most cases.  Bruising is uncommon but possible.

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